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Summer SOULstice Women's Retreat


Summer SOULstice Women's Retreat

Allow the Magic of the Summer Solstice to Ignite a Spark in Your SOUL

June 22-25, 2023

Solstice Punta Gorda 

521 Drury Ln.Punta Gorda, FL 33950


💫 NOURISH your SOUL and SHINE your LIGHT during your Summer SOULstice tropical RETREAT.

✨ It is a magical time of year during the summer solstice and it can represent the shift between ACTION and NOURISHMENT.


🌀We are going to nourish your body, mind, heart and soul during our 4 day/3 night women’s retreat in the lush and tropical setting of Solstice Retreat Resort in Punta Gorda near the gentle waves of the Peace River June 22-25, 2023.

🤍 Jeanie and Robbin will guide you through an intentional itinerary for you to RECEIVE tools and practices to bring balance within the energies of the SUN and MOON, representing action and nourishment. 

🦋 Throughout your immersion retreat experience, there will be plenty of time for relaxation and reflection time for you to NOURISH all the parts of yourself that may have been neglected with the pace of daily life, giving yourself a space to breathe deeper and take in life. 


🌴Chill by the saltwater pool with a cascading waterfall, listen to the sounds of nature, enjoy a relaxing soak on the property's hot tub, find inner peace in the nature meditation space, and lay your beautiful self in one of many hammocks on the property. 

🍽️ We believe in whole - body soul experiences, all of your 3 daily meals will be prepared by our private chef and after dinner each night there will be some yummy dessert. 


🧡 Your Summer SOULstice Retreat promises to give you the LOVE and NOURISHMENT you have been craving and to FEEL REJUVENATED and INVIGORATED about your life! 

✨ We will do this by gathering together in sacred space, moving in and through a variety of practices and modalities including:

🌀 Opening Ceremony

🧘🏽‍♀️Daily yoga and movement NOURISH your body and mind

💫 Soul Journey with cacao medicine

✨ Shamanic Breath-work and Practices

🌀 Sacred women’s sharing circles 

🌎 Earth energy reset

🦋 Harness your inner Goddess to remain in your power and purpose

🌊Community salt water excursion

✍🏽 Intentional and creative writing practices

🍽️ Nourishing meals prepared by our private chef

🌀Restorative whole-body experiences


✨ Sound Healing baths

🌀 Sacred Flow and Nourishment Closing Ceremony

🦋 Community Gatherings and more!


👏🏽 Are you a woman who desires...


💛 To nourish her body and soul?

💥 To feel her LIGHT from the inside-out?

🧡 RECEIVE tools and practices to support her to SHINE?

💃🏽 To integrate the dance of life of her human (action) and spirit (nourishment)

🌀A Community of support that will celebrate you AND the inner light withiN YOU?

♥️ Living fully in her body with the activation of self expression?


🙌🏽 This all immersive retreat experience is for you! This IS your sign. 

Join us and take part in a SOUL nourishing and LIFE changing experiences.

YOU will create your own lifetime memories, learn tools, feel and connect to your SOUL and LIGHT.

👉🏽 Come solo or bring a friend! 


Summer SOULstice Women’s Retreat

Day 1: Thursday, June 22, 2023


WELCOME to your SUMMER SOULstice Women's Retreat


Enjoy the property and its amenities, meet and greet, relax and breathe in nature. 



Opening Ceremony and Practice with Intention Setting 



Community Welcome Dinner 



Day 2: Friday June 23, 2023


7:00AM: Fruit, tea, coffee available in morning room


7:30AM: Community Practice 


8:30AM: Nourishing Breakfast


10:00AM: Peace River Kayaking in the mangroves Excursion 


12:30PM: Arrive back at Solstice Resort 


Relax and Reflect time


1:30PM: Lunch


3:00PM: Nourishment Workshop: Filling up your Spiritual Cup


5:30-6:30PM: Relax and Reflect Free Time 


7:00PM: Dinner


8:00PM:  Moon Fire-Pit Gathering (optional)



Day 3: Saturday, June 24, 2023


7:00AM Fruit, tea, coffee available in morning room


8:30AM Community Practice


10:30AM: Brunch


Relax & Reflect Free Time


1:30PM: Lunch 


3:00-6:00PM: Restorative practice and Cacao Soul Journey Ceremony 


6:30PM: Dinner


8:00-9:00 Sunset Integration at Gilcrest Park


Day 4: Sunday, June 25, 2023


8:00AM Breakfast


9:00AM: Closing Ceremony


 *This is our sample itinerary for our Women’s Summer SOULstice Retreat. Times may vary slightly during the retreat experience 

🛏️ Choose your ACCOMMODATIONS in one of our lush and spacious bungalows that are intentional and also include kitchens and a private bath.

🥥 COCONUT BUNGALOW with a sitting area and PRIVATE hot tub

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,599

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,599


🥭 MANGO BUNGALOW with sitting area and PRIVATE porch


🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,499

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,499


🍑GRAPEFRUIT BUNGALOW (Shared or Private space)


🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299




🛏️ KING BED: $1,999


🥑 AVOCADO BUNGALOW (Shared or Private space)


🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299




🛏️ KING BED: $1,999




TWIN BED: $1, 199

TWIN BED: $1,199

TWIN BED: $1,199


🍈 GUAVA BUNGALOW private 2 bedroom




🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299




🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299


🌴 PAPAYA BUNGALOW private 2 bedroom




🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299




🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299

🛏️ TWIN BED: $1,299


NOTE: If you come with a friend and want us to put the twin beds accommodations together to make a king we will do that for you!


🙋🏼‍♀️ Jeanie and Robbin are looking forward to guiding you on your Summer SOULstice Retreat and sharing the experiences with nature, community and connection!


* $400 non- refundable deposit secures your spot and flexible payment options for your retreat investment are available. 


We are sorry, day passes to this retreat are not available at this time. 


* Airport transfers are included from several airports in the vicinity of Punta Gorda (PGD) and FT Myers (RSW)

* You provide your round trip airfare transportation to PGD or RSW (you can also drive directly to the Solstice Retreat Resort)

* All transportation for our group excursions off the property during the retreat are included


Any questions please reach out:

Couple Kayaking - Solstice Punta Gorda Retreat
Solstice Punta Gorda Retreat
Solstice Punta Gorda Retreat

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.”


- Jim Rohn

Questions? Call, text, or email Robbin 

(941) 844-5977

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